Fencing Contractors in Hampshire

If you’re interested in fencing off your property, you’re probably looking for the best finish for your home or business’ exterior. This is why it’s worth it to enlist the help of an experienced and knowledgeable company that can offer you much-needed advice on your preferred fencing. We will happily tackle any project you throw our way, regardless of complexity or size. 

Every step of the way, we’ll provide you with information and updates on our progress until we see the project through to completion. Thanks to our years-long experience, we have a feeling the results will blow you away! 

Fencing in Hampshire

From enduring harsh weather conditions to extending additional security to your property, fencing is an all-in-one solution for a myriad of reasons. Our fences are manufactured using the finest pressure-treated timber, but it’s important to point out that wood remains an organic material. Because the wooden membranes store water, the volume of the whole wooden workpiece can change according to temperature and humidity levels. 

It’s natural for wood to split in hotter temperatures, but that by no means affects the overall strength of your fencing. We also make sure to choose timber with the least number of knots so as not to interrupt the seamless finish of your wooden fencing.  

Few options are as versatile and advantageous as a fencing perimeter for your property. Proline Fencing has the privilege of working alongside its clients to accomplish a seamless look for both residential and commercial exteriors in compliance with the highest standards of quality and skill.  

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Wow, excellent work done. I have never felt so confident, refreshing, clean, and proud of my back garden for so long. Thank you so much for a job well done by very professional young gentleman. Keep the standard up.

Your Hampshire Fencing Professionals  

Proline Fencing is a locally run business aiming to provide all its clients with high-quality fences that transcend anything else you’ll find on the market. Our team constantly strive to exceed your expectations with their friendly, efficient, and always professional approach.  

No matter the capacity we’re working in, we promise our clients that we have the resources and skillsets to meet your requirements detail by detail. Proline Fencing contractors will draw from their vast well of industry knowledge and experience to give you the highest quality fencing out there. 

Why Choose Our Hampshire Fencing Contractors? 

Proline Fencing and Decking Ltd have been operating for well over 15 years, amassing a stellar reputation along the way for being trustworthy and reliable. Domestic, industrial, agricultural, and commercial fences are our specialities, which all customers in Southampton and the surrounding areas can take advantage of. 

Our Fencing Services 

Whatever your requirements regarding fences, you can contact Proline Fencing, and we’ll take care of it whilst complying with the industry’s highest standards. This includes installation, repair, and maintenance of your fencing. 

Fence Maintenance  

With regularly scheduled maintenance, you can uncover and solve any minor issues befalling your fences before they develop into costlier problems. You can save yourself a lot of money and stress by investing in ongoing maintenance, not to mention that your fences will stay in the best shape possible and serve their purpose as intended. 

Our contractors can pop over regularly to make sure everything is as it should be and test the function of your fences to give their advice, as necessary. 

Fence Repair  

Over time, your fences become prone to disrepair and the general wear that comes with being outdoors. Our Proline Fencing contractors prevent these issues, ensuring that your fences remain in prime condition. We’ll provide comprehensive repairs where they’re needed and offer our advice on potential improvements that can be made to ward off future breakdowns. 

Under the keen eye of our professionals and with their commitment to detail, any weaknesses in your fences’ main body will be promptly discovered and handled before they escalate. We’ll cover all your repairing bases, guaranteed. 

Fence Installation  

We’re here to help improve your property by installing your fences swiftly and effectively. Excellent fences start with excellent products, and that’s exactly what you’ll find within our diverse range. You can now choose between chain-link, palisade, post and rail, or close-board designs, and much more. 

From traditional to contemporary, we’ll tailor the design to your preferred style so that the final result is exactly to your taste. Upgrading your outdoor aesthetic, providing wind protection, and maintaining your privacy has never been so easy! With our services, we leave our clients anything but disappointed. And the best part? The finish looks great on both sides so that your neighbours enjoy the design too.  

Fortunately for our clients, the years have allowed us to streamline our methods, enabling us to work effectively and quickly to get the job done. We’ll be off your property in no time, so you don’t have to fret about interruptions to your home routines or business productivity.  


Our testimonials laud all our landscaping services, but the ones for fencing especially will definitely impress you. We have received nothing but positive reviews from our clients and have grown our business thanks to their fantastic recommendations! 


Browse through our gallery and explore our portfolio of previous fencing projects! Hopefully, you’ll see the quality and attention to detail that shines through our work. From beautifying homes to securing perimeters, our clients appreciate all the work we have done for them and would gladly recommend our services to their friends and family. 

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