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Looking for professional decking Romsey services? Look no further, as we at Proline Fencing & Decking Ltd will help you. We are specialists in the installation of high-quality decking for your property. Give us a call today on 023 8081 2232 and we will discuss your requirements further.

Our Decking Services

A deck is a great way to transform your garden. However, this cannot be achieved without the decks being installed by professionals. Proline Fencing & Decking Ltd is made up of a team of experienced professionals who work tirelessly to install Romsey decking.

Our ultimate goal is to give you an appealing decking Romsey clients, with an end result that you will be comfortable with.

It doesn’t matter whether your garden is small or uneven; we will discuss your options and use our expertise to give you the best decking, Romsey residents. We handle all projects with the same level of standard, whether a small deck or multi-layer constructions.

In order to ensure that the decking, Romsey residents, is long-lasting, we use high-quality concrete deck posts. In addition, we use the C24 construction-grade joists. If your deck is elevated, we recommend a handrail or a balustrade system to make it effective. We offer various types of decking options, including timber decking and composite decking.

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Wow, excellent work done. I have never felt so confident, refreshing, clean, and proud of my back garden for so long. Thank you so much for a job well done by very professional young gentleman. Keep the standard up.

Timber Decking

There is an increased popularity in the use of composite decking, Romsey residents, due to the many benefits. However, there are some people who still prefer the standard wood decking.

Others prefer the look of natural woods, both hardwood and softwood. It is for this reason we provide timber as an option for Romsey decking services.

We understand that timber decking, Romsey residents, requires some maintenance, but we will ensure that we give you the best advice on how to reduce the maintenance required. This includes the application of an anti-slip treatment that has UV benefits to make sure that the timber decking lasts longer.

Remember that a well-maintained timber decking in Romsey will be built to last.

Composite Decking

Composite decking, Romsey, is a new technology that is gaining in popularity. It is a low maintenance decking option that is long-lasting. We are composite decking experts capable of installing this at any location and using any design.

We are Millboard approved expert installers. We will take you through the process of choosing the best design for your space and the maintenance that is required.

Why Choose Us for Decking, Romsey Residents?

We pride ourselves as being the best providers for decking in Romsey. Some of the things that set us apart include:

  • Unparalleled Expertise
  • Years of Experience
  • Free, No Obligation Quotes
  • And More!

The team at Proline Fencing & Decking Ltd is made up of professionals who have undergone extensive training on how to install decking in Romsey and beyond. In addition to this, we ensure that every team member is passionate about decking installation as well as landscaping. This has helped us to provide high-quality services to the satisfaction of our customers.

For several years, we have been providing decking services to our customers. This has enabled us to build up expert knowledge in various types of decking, Romsey clients. We have covered hundreds of projects which has given us further experience. You can, therefore, be assured that your next decking project will be handled by experts.

Better yet, we provide free, no obligation quotes for all our clients. This means that you have absolutely nothing to lose by reaching out to our team today.

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