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Are you looking to improve your property with a brand-new fence? Maybe your property lacks one, or maybe the current one is no longer up to standard or has been wrecked by recent bad weather. Whatever the case might be, the team to call is Proline Fencing. We provide a reliable, competitively priced installation service along with the best quality composite fencing in Eastleigh. To get started, call our team today on 023 8081 2232 to request a FREE, no-obligation quotation. 

The Number One Choice for Composite Fencing in Eastleigh  

If you’re looking for the best quality composite fencing in Eastleigh, look no further than Proline Fencing. A fence is a vital part of any property as it defines the boundary of the property while providing both privacy and security. Not all fences are made equal, however, but our fences are among the best you’ll find anywhere. 

Composite Fencing Eastleigh Customer Will Love 

Composite fencing differs from traditional hard or softwood fence panels as it is made from a mixture of real wood and plastic. The materials used are often recycled, making composite fencing a very eco-friendly choice. The beauty of this combination is that the wood lends a natural, aesthetically pleasing look while the plastic lends strength and durability. This makes for a fence that’ll stand the test of time and withstand even the harshest weather. 

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Fencing Installers in Eastleigh   

At Proline Fencing, we’re a Jackson Fencing Approved Installer, so you can count on receiving the best service possible. Our installers take accurate measurements and ensure that any required groundworks are carried out for a fence that’ll stay standing for years to come. Our team will always discuss your requirements with you, so you receive the composite fencing that matches your preferences and budget. 

Choose Us for The Best Composite Fencing Eastleigh Offers  

We’ve more than ten years of experience in the industry and have proudly delivered exceptional fencing services to domestic, commercial, industrial, and agricultural customers. We boast a dedicated and highly skilled team of tradesmen who possess the skills and experience to fit all styles of composite fencing on any property, regardless of any unique requirements. 

Other Services  

Besides composite fencing, the team at Proline Fencing provide a wide range of other services, including: 

  • Composite Decking 
  • Landscaping 
  • Outbuildings 
  • And More! 

So, whatever improvements you’d like to make to the outdoor space of your property, you know the team to call is Proline Fencing. 

Composite Decking  

In addition to composite fencing, the team at Proline Fencing also supply and install composite decking alongside our standard options. Composite decking is much the same as its fencing counterpart, comprised of wood and plastic for a finish that’s aesthetically pleasing, strong, and durable. We have options to suit all budgets and are proud to be Millboard Approved Installers. 


Our landscaping services are second-to-none, and our team have the capability to create whatever you want for your garden, from patios and resin-bound surfaces to real and artificial lawns. We offer FREE, impartial expert advice along with a FREE design consultation and no-obligation quotes. We’ll also prepare a full written method statement, so you know exactly what work will be carried out and when. 


Outbuildings are to be considered an extension of your home as they can be built to accommodate hobbies, for relaxing in, or even as a place to work. This is where they differ from sheds which are primarily used for storage. We provide a comprehensive design and build service, ensuring that your outbuilding meets your requirements and is built to a high standard. 

What is Composite Fencing?  

As mentioned above, composite fencing is fencing that literally offers the best of both worlds. It is made from wood and plastic, so it sports the wonderful natural aesthetics of real wood. And thanks to the plastic, these fences are supremely strong and durable. Combine this with the fact that these fences are usually made from recycled materials, and you’re onto a winner environmentally speaking. 

Romsey Composite Fencing – What’s Different?  

So, what’s so different about our Romsey composite fencing team? Well, we’re a Jackson Fencing Approved Installer, so you can trust that you’ve hired the professionals to install a new fence on your property. Our fencing is top-quality, sourced from a trusted supplier – we never install any old fence and always strive to give our customers a product that’ll stand the test of time. And thanks to our highly trained and experienced team, customers can expect a level of service that’s unbeaten. 


We value the feedback left by our customers as it’s good to know that we’re always doing a fantastic job. We feel that the testimonials on this site speak for themselves and should give you all the assurances you need to get in touch with us. 

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It should now be obvious who to call if you’re looking to invest in top-quality composite fencing for your property in Eastleigh. Whether your property lacks a fence or your current fence is simply no longer up to the task, come to Proline Fencing, and we’ll get you set up with a modern, reliable composite fence. To get in touch with our team, call us today on 023 8081 2232. You can also fill out our online contact form or email 

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